Habit Formation

January brings to mind goal setting and, with the new semester, new beginnings and approaches.  What might make creating a healthy, ahabitt least more playful lifestyle an easier journey with a bit less guilt? As I wandered in the shelves of the Richmond Airport shops, waiting for my flight to Tucson for my family New Year’s celebration, I found an intriguing book. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. Being optimistic, I thought it would be at least a good read about psychology, and perhaps it could set me up for establishing those “January” goals. It became my travel book.

On my return, I was reminded by feedly to read a Medium article, Could this be the secret to long-term habit formation? which reiterated what I’d been reading. I’d been to the gym once since reading the book, so reading about habit formation is not the same as implementation – obviously disappointing.

The third sign was an email for presenting 117 apps to help you create good habits. How can I not be successful??habitsApps

“To commit to the habits that will help us achieve our goals this year, we need to introduce variable rewards for doing them.”

An especially important goal for my 2015 is to become more “of the web.” This is about aligning my personal perspective about making connections with an extended network of learners using blogging. I have just spent a week with an extraordinary set of faculty who have agreed to take this journey, this change in perspective, with me.

I don’t see it as much as establishing a habit than beginning an adventure, one of those risks we’re always invited to try. What are the best rewards for narrating for others my own work? The connection and the learning.



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  1. Joyce Kincannon Post author

    In the past I’ve used the idea of personal choice as my motivator. I choose to ………? Treat myself well. Not habit but choice. Although I do think, against the current research, I would do more choosing if someone paid my way with lots of money… 😉


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