Learning to Participate in Open and Connected “Gatherings”

ALT Lab invited forty+ faculty to join our Online Learning Experience last week. It is an Open Connected Gathering, described so well by Maureen Crawford,@jmc3ualberta. Thanks to twitter, I found her How-to blog that described succinctly what I know faculty new to open connected learning experience.

I am amazed at the willingness of these faculty to jump into “the buffet or the fire hose/stream” of syndicated blogs and course activity descriptions at our site. I imagine they will experience the same feeling of being overwhelmed, with too much to read and follow, to “ever fully absorb” all that’s available. I hope they learn quickly to sample and “focus on the connections” they are making in this particular learning network, finding the value of collaboration.

We’ve asked that they also use Twitter #vcuole to help them build new network connections among those also teaching open connected courses. And they are!! I hope you find their requests for feedback on their newly developed course activities and blogs. Invite them to your network of educators! They’ll soon be sharing how they’ve included connected learning principles in the design of their courses and teaching practice.

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