Network a Shared Experience of Creating Together

…the importance of doing things together, the lip-dub project. It’s one thing to have all the tweeting and commenting, but quite another to have this shared experience of creating together.
It’s pretty simple. And yet so rarely done.  Reply to a post by Alan Levine (@cogdog)


Waag Society Do it together bio. Home grown bio paper and ink.

Waag Society Do it together bio. Home grown bio paper and ink.

And not a new concept. We know shared creating establishes learning more deeply.

Community-centered: Community-centered environments foster norms for people learning from one another, and continually attempting to improve. In such a community, students are encouraged to be active, constructive participants. Further, they are encouraged to make—and then learn from—mistakes. Intellectual camaraderie fosters support, challenge and collaboration. How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School  John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown and Rodney R. Cocking, editors. National Academies Press; 1st edition (September 15, 2000)

So what’s different with the Connected Learning Principles we’ve been sharing, learning, discussing? How can they make community building in our (online and f2f) classrooms a reality? Shared Purpose. Interest Powered. Production Centered. Peer supported. = DO TOGETHER.

Openly Networked Community of learners connected to Open Educational Resources is the new possibility communication technologies and multimedia brings us. Students reflecting about their intriguing questions with those researchers who are developing the related knowledge, facilitated by teachers who make the connections. How do we “make together” in an online connected network of people not in the same physical place?

Pretty simple. ??

Certainly worth doing… We have some examples of students writing magazines together in a syndicated site; diagramming blood paths within biological systems on a digital whiteboard; researchers building shared databases of data; …

What can you imagine being openly networked will do for your students?

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