Reading Bates

I’m re-reading¬†Teaching in a Digital Age¬† by A. W. (Tony) Bates this week and the next two for my Design Challenges for Adult e-Learning course in the School of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, Adult Learning Certificate. Students in the course are also reading it as a “straight read through” iv Different ways to use the book. I chose this way since the students are coming from many different perspectives.

Here are just a few quotes to consider:

…The challenge then is not re-purposing education, but making sure it meets that purpose more effectively. 1.4

‘every individual exists in a continually changing world of experience in which he is center.’ 2.5.1

It is useful to remember that apprenticeship is not an invisible phenomenon. It has key elements…one cannnot learn from afar… 3.5.2 Key features of apprenticeship

Pragmatism trumps ideology in teaching

Media differ in terms of their formats, symbols systems, and cultural values – their affordances. chapter 6, Key Takeaways 4.

Thank you to Tony Bates, Ph.D. for making this free.

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