Episode 39: Combating Burnout in the Healthcare Setting with Dr. Curtis Sessler

On this week’s episode, Dr. Curtis Sessler speaks about the significance of burnout in healthcare and the signs of burnout in clinicians. Listen to this week’s episode to learn how team members can combat this issue on an individual and institutional level.

Also, feel free to check out these resources that were discussed in this episode from the National Academy of Medicine and American Medical Association.


Episode 38: Improv Comedy Techniques to Improve Communication in Healthcare with Dr. Bedoya

On this episode, Dr. Pablo Bedoya speaks about how techniques used in improv comedy promote the use of crucial skills when communicating with patients and team members. This technique not only enhances the quality of care but also saves time and reduces errors in the long term.

Listen to this episode to learn about active listening and the research being conducted on this innovative communication technique.

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Episode 37: The Opioid Crisis: Pain, Addiction, and Public Health Solutions with Dr. Mishka Terplan

Close to 80 percent of the nearly 1,000 fatal drug overdoses in Virginia in 2014 involved opioids in the form of prescription opioids or heroin. 

In this talk, Dr. Mishka Terplan discusses the current opioid crisis in the United States and public health solutions that tackle this epidemic at the source by focusing on behavioral health.

Dr. Terplan also speaks about how VCU Health is combating the addiction crisis through the VCU Health Multidisciplinary Outpatient Intensive Addiction Treatment (MOTIVATE) Clinic. 

For more information about the Motivate Clinic call (804) 628-6776.

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Episode 36: Mentors in Research: Making All the Difference in Your Academic Career with Dr. Nana-Sinkham and Dr. Abbate

Dr. Patrick Nana-Sinkam and Dr. Antonio Abbate discuss how mentorship is essential to success in academic your career and tools you can use to identify different types of mentors, as well as the new VCU Rising Scholar Program.

For more information on the VCU Rising Scholar Program and to apply for this opportunity, please visit posting 1 or posting 2.

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Episode 35: The Annual Exam: Deconstructing Everything You Were Taught with Dr. Christine Isaacs

On this week’s episode, Dr. Christine Isaacs discusses why and how to reevaluate what we know about the annual woman’s exam. Dr. Isaacs will also review evidence-based portions of the annual well woman exam.

This innovative discussion is aimed to improve the patient’s experience while enabling providers to better pinpoint what areas will give women the best value and improve overall health of women.

More resources for providers can be found at: www.acog.org

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Episode 34: Creating the Healthy Living Health Care System to Combat Chronic Diseases with Dr. Ross Arena

In this talk, Dr. Ross Arena, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago emphasizes how the healthy lifestyle is a vital medicine to patients. He also presents creative methods on how to present patients with gradual changes in their lifestyle to better prevent chronic diseases.

Dr. Arena is a world renown expert in exercise physiology and heart failure. He has also participated in the writing of the guidelines of the American Heart Association on this topic.

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Episode 33: Training the Reflective Practitioner

On this week’s episode, Dr. Jason Cook discusses health disparities from here in Richmond, VA to rural Honduras and how VCU Internal Medicine trains reflective practitioners to help tackle these disparities.

Listen to this week’s episode to also hear about opportunities the health disparities pathway has to offer and how the reflective practitioner is essential to healthcare.

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Episode 32: Finding Your Academic Society Home with Dr. Alan Dow and Dr. Wally Smith

With conference season quickly approaching, Dr. Alan Dow and Dr. Wally Smith discuss how faculty can find their academic home as well as how they can benefit the most from their conferences.

Listen to this week’s episode before attending conferences to gain insight on how to network and find mentorship opportunities within academic societies.

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Episode 31: A Culture of Safety and Collaboration

During this episode, Dr. Leah Couture speaks about how her innovative work in procedure and collaborative medicine to help build future internists at VCU.

Listen to how methods including the “20 Minutes with Chocolate” focus group, the “Pathology Reports” tab, the Morbidity, Mortality, and Improvement (MMI) program, and etc. are helping improve the safety, confidence, and competence of the care given by VCU Internal Medicine residents.

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Episode 30: SGLT2 Inhibitors, Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes


In this week’s episode, Dr. Antonio Abbate, Dr. Dave Dixon, and Salvatore Carbone, and I will take a look at the research being conducted in the VCU Department of Internal Medicine on SGLT2 Inhibitors for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes.

The slides to help you better follow this session are included HERE.

If you know anyone who may want to participate in this study, please contact Salvatore Carbone, MS via email at Salvatore.Carbone@vcuhealth.org or via office phone at 804-628-3980.

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