The Daily

Work, assignments, and readings are due the date they appear on the daily schedule. Please check this page regularly — our schedule will change to meet the needs of our semester as it evolves.

Unit I: Foundations for Research
Core assignment: Preliminary Analyses
Core reading: The Curious Researcher Part 1.1 “Practicing Inquiry”

Week 1 – Welcome to class!
This week we will get to know each other and learn a little more about course content. This semester Dr. Reed’s UNIV courses will be using contemporary social movements as a jumping off point for inquiry. What is power? When do we acquiesce to it, and when do we resist?

Jan 13 – Welcome to class! Intros.
Jan 15 – Reading: Artz and Murphy – “Introduction” to Cultural Hegemony in the United States (on Blackboard)
Jan 17 – Reading: Barrett – “How Youth Activism Has Changed Since Parkland.” Create Drive system (directions here). Have laptops in class.

Note: Add drop ends on January 19th.

Week 2 – Choosing a Site for Study
In week 2 we will begin exploring our sites for study. We’ll learn more about social movements, and Dr. Reed will introduce you to her project for this semester, and you’ll begin working in tandem with your classmates to choose your own. Directions are online here (link coming soon)!

Jan 20 – UNIVERSITY CLOSED; no classes.
Jan 22 – Developing a framework for diagnostics.
Jan 24 – In class: topic pitches! Come to class with three tentative topics to pitch, revise, and select from.
Friday January 24th is the deadline for students to provide advance written notification to instructors of intent to observe religious holidays.

Week 3 – Developing Diagnostics
In week 3 we’ll begin the process of developing diagnostics for our site for study. You’ve identified a movement to explore. What factors have lead to the situation you’ve chosen to study, how did they come about, and who is most affected? This week we will focus on stakeholders and distribution of power.

Jan 27 – Make up lobby day! Details for visiting the General Assembly are here. No meeting on campus. Post final topic worksheets to “1 – Topic” folders by midnight. Worksheet is online here!
Jan 29 – Focus on Stakeholders and theories of change.
Jan 31 – In class: power mapping. Have your Stakeholders list ready to go.

Week 4 – Preliminary Analysis
In week 4 we will complete our first core assignment for this semester: our preliminary analyses. This assignment will wrap up our first three weeks of work and set up the research component for Unit II. The details for this assignment are online here.

Feb 3 – Revisiting our power maps—have maps from Friday in Google Drive “Topic” folder.
Feb 5 – In class: preliminary analysis workshop. Have laptops in class.
Feb 7 – In class: preliminary analysis workshop. Have laptops in class.

Preliminary analyses are due to Drive by midnight (11:59pm), Feb 9th.

Unit II: Research
Core Assignment: Illustrations of Research
Core Reading: The Curious Researcher Parts 1.2 & 1.3 “Developing a Research Strategy” & “Working with Sources”

Week 5 – Knowledge as Inquiry
Universities construct knowledge quite differently than most contexts. In week 5 we’ll look at knowledge as expertise, thinking about disciplines and disciplinary methodologies.

Feb 10 – Library day! We’ll meet in Cabell library room 205.
Feb 12 – Workshopping Inquiry Questions
Feb 14 – Building an inquiry tree: have laptops in class.

Week 6 – Source Diversity
Source diversity is not just about disciplinary expertise, it’s also about point of view, stakeholder experience, and perspectives relative to power. This week we’ll talk about building a bibliography that reflects a broader spectrum of stakeholders and perspectives.

Feb 17 – Diversifying sources
Feb 19 – Vetting Sources: have a working bibliography in class
Feb 21 – Vetting Sources: Part II!

Week 7 – Research-a-palooza! 
This week we’ll be doing a deep dive into our own sources, trouble-shooting areas of difficulty, and advancing our illustrations of research. Research-a-palooza!

Feb 24 – Vetting sources: have a sample source from your own research in class.
Feb 26 – Making connections across sources: have a working bibliography in class
Feb 28 – In-class workshop, have laptops.

Week 8 – Illustrations of Research
In week 7 we’ll wrap up the inquiry phase of our work and submit our illustrations of research. Details for that assignment are online here, and you should have a bulk of that work done by the time you arrive in week 7! It’s roughly midterms and a great time to check in. Are you getting behind? Do you need support? Dr. Reed is available if the answers to these questions are yes.

Mar 2 – APA Challenge Day
Mar 4 – Have a working bibliography in class
Mar 6 – Final Workshop! Illustrations of research due midnight (11:59pm), March 6th.

Week 9 – Spring Break! No classes.

Unit III: Crafting your argument
Core Assignment: Argumentative Essay
Core Reading: The Curious Researcher Parts 1.4 “Drafting Strategies” and 1.5 “Revision is Re-seeing”

Week 10 – Second Spring Break! Wash your hands, observe social distancing, and as much as is possible for you, stay home!

Week 11 – Seeing the Forest From the Trees
Oof you read a ton and thought a ton and did a ton of work and now it’s probably hard to see the forest from the trees. That’s normal! People who write books struggle at this stage. They know so much, what happens next? This week we will step back, gather our forces, and do some thinking about how to pull this all together. Directions for this week are online here!

Week 12 – Let’s write!
In the last two weeks we’ve used board games to think about our path from our inquiry question to our final conclusion. This week we’ll create our final documents in APA format and begin drafting. Directions for this week are online here!

Week 13 – Peer Review and Final Submission
This week we are simplifying: we’ll be submitting our final Argumentative Essays without required peer review. Directions for this week are online here! Final paper due at midnight (11:59pm) on Sunday, April 12th.

Unit IV: Adaptation
Core Assignment: Remediation

Week 14 – Checking in
If all went as planned, you’re done! That’s not quite true for everyone. This week we’ll be stepping back, wrapping up loose ends, and making a plan for moving forward.  Directions for this week are online here!

Week 15 – Context
Our Unit IV assignment invites us to give context to our final Argumentative Essay, making a case for what you’ve accomplished and contextualizing what changed along the way. This week we’ll be visualizing our paths to completion and giving some thought to how we might translate that path to a cover letter. Directions for this week are online here.

Week 16 – Wrapup
We did it! Time for high-fives, course evals, and tearful goodbyes. Remediations will be due at the end of the week! Directions for this week are online here! Final cover letters are due at midnight, May 1st.

So long and thanks for all the fish!