Week 12 – Let’s Write!

Welcome to week 12, when we’ll be advancing our paper drafts to include introductions and conclusions! Here’s what our week looks like:

  • Monday – Check in on some announcements
  • Wednesday – Create an APA document
  • Friday – Intro / Conclusion / Sub-Section FlipGrid

I hope you all are settling into distance learning with (relative) ease. I’ve talked to a lot of you over the la:

Monday – Announcements!

Two big check-ins this week: the writing center and grading flexibility.

The Writing Center: The WC will be holding all sessions via Zoom if you’d like to consult with them. Their hours will be Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm; Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 12-6pm; and Sunday 10am-4pm. You can schedule appointments online or by phone (804.828.4851) Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm.

Spring Grading: VCU will allow students to opt in to a Pass/Fail grading option this spring semester. Here are some key things to know about how it will work:

  • Students will have the option to choose between receiving standard letter grades (A-F) or the Pass/Fail grade option for each of their courses this semester.
  • Students will have until May 15, 2020, to decide which courses, if any, they would like to use the Pass/Fail grade option. This means you will be able to see their final grades for each course before making a decision.

Full details for the Pass/Fail system are available online here. Let me know what questions you have, and remember that in our own class a “Pass” is a C (70 points) or above.

Wednesday – Create an APA document

On Tuesday your task is pretty simple: create a document with APA formatting that you add to your Essay folder in Drive. I’ve made sample documents you can use in my own drive system (EDIT: apologies! I originally linked here to my sample draft from last semester on another topic).  After you copy this to your folder you’ll have a document pre-formatted that needs some blanks filled in! Please add the following:

  1. a working title
  2. an author’s note (my sample note is included)
  3. working titles for your sub-sections
  4. Goal word counts for each of your sub-sections

We’ll be using sub-sections as one of our organizational methods this semester. As you can see, I have four, titled to match the sections in my outline from last week. Yours can be equally aligned with your prior work, or they can have adjustments as needed. The video below walks you through APA formatting and the sample documents in my own folder.

Friday Flipgrid

For Friday I’d like you to draft a section of your paper! I recommend your intro or conclusion, but we’ll be happy to hear about any drafting you’ve gotten done! Log in, tell us what section you decided to draft, and walk us through what you’ve accomplished. You can use this time to share any reflections you have on the drafting process and how it’s going. Our prompt is capped at 3 minutes this week.

Note: jumping into drafting can feel stressful! It’s okay, but I also want you to remember you’ve already done a ton of drafting so far this semester. Go back, revisit your Preliminary Analysis and Illustration of Research and see where you might want to pull some text that you’ve already created that still feels useable. It will save you some time and help get you started.

American poet Ocean Vuong sits with the full papers of his book Night Sky With Exit Wounds.

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