Week 13 – Final Essay Submission

Welcome to our final week of essay drafting! Normally in our final week I would assign us a round of peer review before submitting our final essay. This semester we are going to forego peer review due to time constraints (and, frankly, mental health purposes). We’ve lost a week of coursework, and my guess is the logistics of remote peer review are just stressful enough not to worry about it. Here’s our schedule instead:

  • Wednesday – Goal Setting FlipGrid
  • Sunday – Complete your final Argumentative Essay

One of the benefits of peer review for a course like this is it allows you to see sample work and relate that work to our own. If you feel that reading a sample paper would be helpful to you, no worries! We have sample student essays online from prior semesters. There are 7 sample papers below—feel free to browse these to see some examples.

Wednesday – Goal Setting FlipGrid

Wednesday is just about setting practical, reasonable goals for final paper submission. This has been a very tough semester for many of you, and we’re all navigating some unexpected challenges as Virginia deals with a stay-at-home order. It’s okay if your goals are modest. Take a few minutes, check in with us on FlipGrid, and let us know your biggest hopes for this project moving forward. That post is ready here!

Sunday – Complete your final Argumentative Essay

Sunday is simple. Have your final essay ready to go by midnight (11:59pm).

Need support this week?

Don’t forget the Writing Center is still busy taking student appointments! They are taking sessions via Zoom, which is accessible even if you’re only working with a phone. Their hours will be Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm; Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 12-6pm; and Sunday 10am-4pm.

You can schedule appointments online or by phone (804.828.4851) Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm.

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