Week 14 – Checking in

Welcome to week 14. We are almost there.

This week we are checking in and streamlining. That means two things: 1. a hold harmless week on the Argumentative Essay, 2. a significantly streamlined remediation project, and 3. a week’s worth of amnesty credited toward final participation grades. Our only assignment this week is a Friday FlipGrid.

Holding harmless on our essay

Unsurprisingly I’ve had a lot of you check in about a late submission for your Argumentative Essay. If you’ve read our syllabus you know that I’ll accept any core assignment up to a week late with a -5% penalty. This assignment can be turned in up to a week late with no penalty. It’s been a rough month. Don’t worry about it if you’re running late. If you *are* running late, please put a note at the top of your essay that says DO NOT GRADE YET. I won’t grade it until the note is gone.

Streamlined remediation project

Our Unit IV assignment is a remediation project (i.e. a translation of your final paper into something with multiple media). I have changed the nature of this assignment to significantly reduce what is required. Please read the summary of the assignment and let me know what questions you have!

Amnesty for a week’s worth of work

To accommodate for some of the chaos this semester, I’m granting amnesty in the form of one week’s work. If you’re an online student all semester that means I’ll be removing two 0’s from your weekly work. Yay! If you’re a face to face student I will either remove two 0’s from your online weekly work or I will remove two absences from your current attendance grade.

My calculations indicate that a week’s worth of amnesty should account for the transition to remote learning and the upheavals some of you are experiencing. Please be in touch if your own transition will require more than this to get you squared away.

Friday Flipgrid

This week’s Flipgrid post is simply a check in! If you’re paper is done, how did it go? How do you feel about it? What are its biggest strengths? What would have happened if you’d had more time or more resources? If your paper isn’t done, no worries. Check in on how it’s going and what you’re hoping to accomplish in your last push. Our post is ready online here.



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