Week 15 – Context

Next week is our final week of class, during which your Unit IV remediation will be due. The full details for that assignment are online here. This assignment is designed to be light weight, informal, and reflective. This week will be a drafting session for that final letter, using one of the same techniques we used in Unit III: visual outlining. This week I’ll ask you to do 2 things:

  • Wednesday: Course evals and Anonymous Submissions
  • Friday: Visual Outline

Wednesday: Course Evals and Anonymous Submissions

Wednesday’s work are primarily housekeeping items and shouldn’t take too much time if you’re prepped. First, complete your course evaluations in VCU’s Course Eval system. In an ideal world I’d love to see you evaluate all your courses, but for the purposes of this assignment I’m asking you to focus on our course.

Second, we need to submit anonymous copies of our final paper to Blackboard for independent programmatic assessment. This assessment doesn’t impact your grade, but is required for all students registered for UNIV 111, 112, and 200. In order to submit your paper:

  1. Log into our course Blackboard, and click on our course’s BB home page,
  2. go to “Assignments,”
  3. and follow the instructions on the top assignment, titled “Final Week Anonymous Submission

Let me know if you have any questions!

Friday: Visual Outline

For Friday we’ll be creating a new visual outline for our work, this time not tracking our argument, but instead our process. Process is very different from product. It is the path we take to the product, and it contains a lot of context that isn’t visible in the product itself.

A sample visual outline of the process of writing one paper.This exercise is designed to support us in thinking about what context needs to go in our Univ IV cover letter. What is true about your process this semester that isn’t clear from the paper itself.

This week I’m asking you to do a visual outline of your semester, using whatever format or materials feel most comfortable for you. Embed an image (or other media) file of your visual outline in a drive document in your top level drive folder.  Underneath that image use text to explain the content. You can find my sample document in my sample Drive folder (note: I’ve deleted my Unit IV folder to accommodate our reduced schedule. I’ve started doing this for some of you, but haven’t finished!).

There is no Flipgrid for this week! I’ll see you all in Drive.

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