Week 16 – Wrapping up

Welcome back, let’s prepare for our goodbyes! This has been a very wild semester, but it’s just about to come to a close. That’s good news! We don’t have much left to do to wrap up our work for UNIV 200. You’ll be doing some simple closeouts of the semester while I’m working on final grading.

A note about end-of-term grading: End of semester is high-stakes and stressful, but unfortunately there’s no good way to speed up final paper grading. I have about 80 students, each of whom has written roughly 12-15 pages. That means I am reading about 1,200 pages of material. This will take time. If you have concerns let me know, but do know that I’ll be moving through papers this week and next.

On deck for this week:

  • Monday — check in on last week’s work
  • Fri — Reflective FlipGrid & Semester Cover Letter

That’s it!

Monday  – Checking in on last week’s work

Last week I asked you to do two things: submit an anonymous copy of your essay to Blackboard and complete our course evaluations. If you didn’t accomplish both of those last week it has to happen this week! You can revisit last week’s instructions here under work for Wednesday.

Below are our current course evaluation return rates. Our goal this semester is 80% for each section. [fingers crossed]

005 – 50%
027 – 53%
030 – 65%
067 – 60%

Fri – Reflective FlipGrid

Online classes are largely self-guided. While I am checking in with you throughout, you are the one who has gotten you this far. Post a final FlipGrid in which you share something you’ve learned this semester that 1. you taught yourself as part of your semester’s work for this class and 2. that you’re glad you’ve learned. This could come from  your research and writing, or it can come from the process of completing the course, or  it can come from the experience of simply surviving this transition. What did you learn about your world, or alternately, about yourself?

Final Reflective Letter

Friday, May 1st you should complete your final reflective letters and post them in your top-level UNIV 200 folders. You’ve been an amazing team this semester and you’ve done an incredible job considering our circumstances! I loved getting to know you and following the progress of your work.

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