In recognition of the impact on our lives of VCU’s recently all-campus shift to remote learning, we will be adopting a significantly reduced remediation projects for Unit IV. This will be a streamlined, multimedia cover letter for your work this semester. It will be created as a Drive document in your top-level folder in your Drive system (the folder titled NAME – UNIV 200).

The basics: 

  • Create a cover letter of apx. 500-750 words
  • Cover letters should include text, embedded imagery, linked content
  • Cover letters should be in your top-level drive folder by midnight, May 1st.


Your final assignment this semester will be to create a simple, multimedia cover letter for your Drive system. This letter will introduce the contents of your drive system as though it were a portfolio, describe your research process from start to finish, include some relevant media of your choosing, and link out to appropriate content where relevant. Some questions to consider as you’re writing (these are guidelines, and can be treated as general directions for getting started, not prescriptive requirements for content):

  • How has your project evolved over 14 weeks?
  • Where did you begin, and where did you end?
  • What surprised you about what you learned? What felt more predictable?
  • How did the campus crisis affect your work?
  • What do you wish you had done differently?
  • What are you proud of? Where do you feel like this was really successful?
  • What exercises were most helpful?
  • What do you wish more people knew about this issue?
  • What do you wish your teacher knew about your work?

This is a letter, but it’s also an informal assignment. This is a space for you to reflect on what you’ve done. It’s not high-stakes, it’s designed to be far less intensive than the work we would have done under other circumstances.

Notes on inclusion of media:

  • You are welcome to include images from external sources with a limited citation (i.e. state the source in your text and link out to it).
  • You are welcome to include your own images of process work.
  • Please link to documents where you reference them — whether that is your own work or external research.