My Social Connections

I was confused by this assignment at first but after reading the chapter I better understood what was micro level and what was meso and so on. I was able to think more thoroughly about my relationships and realize how they were all connected. Each time they grow more and more intimate, my friendships that I interact with on a daily basis are connected to a macro level group of education. I don’t think any connections were significantly more obvious than others. It was easy to figure out where I met certain people whether it be school, work, or a religious organization. There are more connections such as extracurricular activities and sports groups that I am not part of that would stem off from education. Some are interconnected, my church group for example I put under religion but I met my church group through school, which is under education. ┬áSomeone might have received a job through a connection with someone they met at school, or a friend or family member, therefore those macro level groups would be connected as well. All of the connections are important to me but during the summer it would be family, as I live at home, education, as I take an online class, and work, with my summer job. Education is a small part as I am away from my school friends and I am only doing one class. Work is a large part during the summer. Art is also an important part of my summer life as I complete projects that I do not have time for during the school year. Currently, I am painting a 6ft by 8ft oil painting in my room which I won’t be able to travel to school with or have any room to work on it. My current situation allows these connections to happen. Certain people I know from Connecticut that I do not see during the school year while I am in Virginia are part of my life for a short time. Old groups such as girl scouts can come together or family members that are living close by. I am taking advantage of the proximity. The importance of these connections is always changing depending on where I am or the time of year. Family becomes more important as I grow older to appreciate them but they also become less important as I move away from home and start a new life. I was more dependent on them at a younger time in my life. Education will be important always but mostly while I am in school, once I graduate the importance of work will overrule education. Art has always been significant but that changed once I decided to choose it as my career interest, I decided to make it more than just a hobby. Friends of course come and go, and we make new ones with each new organization or social interaction that occurs. Everything is connected and will always grow and change. We live with many social connections everyday without realizing how important they all are to each other.

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