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Changes and Transitions

Quite a few of the developments listed in the book affect my life or future whether I realize it or not. I believe the aging population is the most relevant towards me. By the time I reach an age where I will need to be looking into long term health options, many developments will have occurred. Scientists are creating new technologies as this blog is being written. I saw with my grandparents the hassle of old age. My mother went through so much taking care of my grandfather’s health and well being until the end of his life. There are many things to considering throughout this process and someday I will be handling this for my own parents. But when it comes to be my turn I believe it will be unimaginably different. Today we must deal with how to accommodate increasing number of senior citizens. Taking care of their health, places for them to live, etc. This creates many problems, jobs, utilization of resources, and so on. It is a problem that I find interesting and connect it to the topics of prolonging life with science and drugs and assisted suicide.

One change that was not included on the list that I believe will have an increasing impact on our lives is how technology will affect how our children grow up. I was born in the age where computers were just being invented and becoming available for personal and home use, I have seen many technologies rapidly develop. But that is happening even faster now that ever. Toddlers are being taught how to potty train and soothed by their iPads. Kids are getting cellphones at an even younger age as it now becomes vital to have one, our society has built itself around certain technologies and people have to keep up. Much of technology is also being developed that will help families and affect how children grow up, specifically in education. Schools and parents will have many new apps and resources to teach their children how to do simple tasks such as reading and writing. Children’s toys are becoming more advanced than ever and families must keep up. Technological changes are happening faster than ever and our new generations will be the most affected by them as they will grow up with an understanding that that is how life is.