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Deviance in Group Work

My group, like many other students have mentioned in their blog posts, did not experience much deviation. The concept of an online class is hard as we do not have face to face interactions and have to rely solely on technology. Group projects are equally hard because you are relying on others to cooperate and most of the time you cannot control the outcome of their behavior. Put the two together and you have a difficult task to accomplish. My group was quiet at first when we were communicating through the forum but I believe that that was due to the setting. I found it hard to navigate to the page and we are so used to being notified when we are messaged that I often forgot to check if someone had responded in the forum. I was confused as to how five people could write an article together but the format of the assignment, with the ideas supposedly coming from different perspectives, it worked.

At first no one had taken the lead, we had to choose a topic and lay out who wanted to do what. After waiting a while and no one responding to my other group members in the forum I decided to choose a topic and create a google doc. I laid out the different tasks to be completed and had broken down the assignment. I emailed this to my group members.

There was no clear leader for my group. We all took our own parts equally and everyone stepped up in one way or another. The google doc did get confusing at times but we managed. Everyone helped each other out and chose their own parts. We collaborated on the finished product and made sure that we had met all of the requirements. I am usually one to go to bed earlier so it was almost deviant behavior from my perspective that the other students were finishing their work so late in the end. I had offered to post the final product so I had to wait until everyone had completed their part. I had left the computer for an hour while they were working and two of my group members posted the assignment on their own thinking I wasn’t coming back. It was hard to communicate with each other and make sure that this wasn’t happening ┬ábecause all we had was emails and forum to contact each other through.

We all acted within the norms of student behavior and no one deviated from the other members. I can imagine this happening though because it happens with a lot of group projects during school. An example of deviant behavior during a class project would be someone not following the examples of their group. This would include being late on assignments, not putting in enough effort, etc. This can happen for any number of reasons but it may be due to the fact that the student did not have sufficient means to be in the norm, as stated in Merton’s Strain Theory of Deviance. This would be especially true in an online course such as this, technology and lack of time may come in the way. I was lucky enough to not experience any of this and have had an overall positive experience thus far with my group.