Class Three

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Insiders/Outsiders   Reading: Todd Presner et al, The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0 (2009), at UCLA Daniel Allington, Sarah Brouillette, David Golumbia, “Neoliberal Tools (and Archives): A Political History of Digital Humanities,” Los Angeles Review of Books (May 1, 2016) from Matthew Gold, ed., Debates in the Digital Humanities (2012): Tara McPherson, “Why are the digital humanities so white?”… Read more »

What should people know?

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If you could choose one historical struggle that many people don't know about and have it be taught in schools, what would it be? — wikipedia brown (@eveewing) January 27, 2017 I thought this was an interesting question given our conversation last night around elements of public history and real/fake/unknown history. Seeing other people’s opinions… Read more »

Frontline’s new interactive, annotated film can be shared in pieces on social media » Nieman Journalism Lab

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Frontline is trying something new: an interactive, annotated script that audiences can use to navigate the film, and new software that lets users highlight portions of the film and share them on social media or via email.RELATED ARTICLEFrontline is finding new mic-drop moments for good old-fashioned reportingMay 18, 2016“The need for journalistic transparency and credibility,… Read more »

Flickr CC Bookmarklet

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This is the bookmarklet I use to auto-generate my citations. Bookmarklets are pretty cool for all sorts of things.

Foundational Tools/Concepts

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It was a pleasure meeting you all last night. I thought I might toss this out there for anyone who’s interested. It’s a decent overview of a couple tools (including Diigo). It’s nothing required, just thought it might be a useful resource for those of you with interest and with the time/energy to take a… Read more »

Class Two

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Theory and development of the field   Reading: Cohen and Rosenzweig, Digital History Representative projects: [review if you wish; we will discuss them together] Valley of the Shadow Wayback machine [to see how old websites looked] 6 class Framework themes Role of collaboration for historians Public History – definitions, etc. Affordances vs. Cautions of digital world [Cohen,… Read more »

Class One

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Intro/Base Level   Resources/Links/Tools/Media Google Advanced Search Some basic examples text shortcuts filetype: site: Rampages Links to tutorials and other support documents Keep in mind this is WordPress so tutorials you find on WordPress will likely apply. Twitter Advanced search Digital Historians List #digitalhistory hashtag #twitterstorians hashtag Public history: historical activities practiced outside the… Read more »

Welcome to HIST 691-901

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"May 1st 1918, Petrograd"

“Digital history” has become a fighting term. There is no doubt that we are engulfed in technological innovations, but what do those mean for the study of the past? As the field of digital history has matured over the past twenty years, it has offered scholars, institutions, and the general public a wide array of… Read more »