County clerk’s office online exhibit

Today, I received notice of this new exhibit from the St. John’s County (St. Augustine, Florida) Clerk’s Office: Black History Exhibit. The bland title notwithstanding, I found the timing interesting because I was just thinking through the Kafatovic book on online library/archive exhibits. Upon reviewing this online exhibit, I have two reactions. The first is […]

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Virtual and augmented Met Museum

This story is in today’s issue of the Richmond Times-Dispatch: It is a fun “digital project review” of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “The Met Unframed” mobile experience, including its built-in games and augmented reality tools. […]

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Update on the Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress | Library of Congress Blog

The Library now has a secure collection of tweet text, documenting the first 12 years (2006-2017) of this dynamic communications channel—its emergence, its applications and its evolution.Today, we announce a change in collections practice for Twitter. Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the Library will acquire tweets on a selective basis—similar to our collections of web sites.The […]

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