County clerk’s office online exhibit

Today, I received notice of this new exhibit from the St. John’s County (St. Augustine, Florida) Clerk’s Office: Black History Exhibit. The bland title notwithstanding, I found the timing interesting because I was just thinking through the Kafatovic book on online library/archive exhibits.

Upon reviewing this online exhibit, I have two reactions. The first is that these are really important and hard-to-find manuscript documents, helpfully consolidated here. The second is that the design and viewing mechanism seem to have not progressed at all from Kafatovic’s era of 2002. Susan Parker, the curator, is a wonderful historian but limited in how she found ways to present the documents here. There are no full transcriptions, and it is impossible to zoom in on the hard-to-read manuscripts to study them. The scope and purpose of this exhibit are useful, but I wish the presentation was more effective. Lots of learning on the go here.

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