The City and The City Reflection

Okay. Well first of all, I did not understand the book after around chapter five. It got to a point where everything was all put together and I wasn’t picking up anything. So I started to use the audiobook and it was a life changer. But overall I liked the book. The one thing I think the book is trying to make a big point about is immigration. If you really think about it Mahalia Geary is just another person coming to an unknown place, somewhat on the lines of a tourist. The issue of immigration show within the book is from a foreign person coming into another place and not necessarily causing harm to others, but is a big deal to what is going on within the two cities. Here in present time United States, there are multiple issues with immigration and those immigrants causing harm to others. So  that is where I similarity between actual real life and the fictional book. One thing that really stood out to me was the whole idea of breach and how they were always watching no what. This idea was really brought up of the Breach being “alien powers” in chapter six and it goes more in depth when Thacker tells the Geary’s about what Breach could be. I just find it extremely interesting that this idea of “ alien force” watching over them all and brought up throughout the novel, but no one doesn’t know what exactly they are or it is. This novel was quite challenging to read, but I was able to think more critically about it, like when they are talking about Professor Bowden’s book Between the City and the City. I grasped the concept that Miss Geary was a fan of Bowden’s work, a Bowdenite, but what I didn’t really get is why she wanted to work under Professor Nancy and not Bowden directly. Also another thing I don’t really comprehend is the whole thing of not seeing something or unseeing something and what training the have to go through. There are somethings that I know people wish they could unsee in actual time, but to what heights are these citizens of Ul Qoma and Beszel trained to unsee something so major? I don’t know if that makes sense, but how they are trained to unsee something still blows my mind. Another thing that is somewhat funny to me is the words militsya and policzai. These two words are cognates of the words military and police, but also they are close to the words in Spanish, so the language I feel like is a big mixture of a couple of languages.

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