Life of a Student Athlete

Every since I can remember I played soccer. I have plenty of pictures of me when I was four or five kicking a ball and having my hair in pig tails. My dad put me in all sorts of sports when I was in elementary and middle school. He wanted me to be a versitile kid and to become very athletic. I don’t remember a time that I was going to practice, practicing or coming home from practice. My dad was a division one athlete at the Naval Academy, so I knew he wanted at least one of his kids to follow in his footsteps. When I reached high school that’s when my dad told me I needed to stick to one sport that I was going to focus on to get me into college and so training every day of my life for soccer began. I tore my ACL in 8th grade and seriously thought I never was going to make it to playing soccer in college, but that didn’t stop me for trying out for the best soccer team in Virginia, McLean, and also my high school team, Patriot. Fortunately both my coaches took me on their teams and I started and played every game all four years of high school and at McLean. Both these two teams grew me into the player I am at this moment. Now the fun part was trying to juggle playing at a higher level and managing school. I remember junior year I was completely done. No one quite understood the stress that was getting put on me for being in four AP classes and trying to perform my best at practice which was usually 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm every night. Some how I did it, even though I wanted to quit everyday. Sometimes it made me wish I played golf or was artistic, so I didn’t have to put that much stress on my body every day with little sleep. In the summer going into senior year, I committed to play division one soccer here at VCU. I had reached my long term goal of my whole life to make my dad proud by following in his footsteps. All senior year that’s all I was into. Everything I did was to help prepare me for playing with the big league. I took somewhat easy classes, a few AP classes but from what I can recall I was running everyday and trying to get as many touches as I can as much as I could in one day. I really don’t know how, but ended up with a 4.2 GPA my senior year and I was not complaining. The one thing that sucks about playing college soccer is that I went to VCU in July for pre pre season. I basically had no summer but the good thing is I was with an amazing team who inspires and pushes me everyday to be the best that I can be. In the fall, that is when our season really picked up and trying to maintain above a 3.0 while training everyday, traveling every weekend and having games all the time was actually the biggest struggle of my life. But guess what? I made it and now I am in spring season and I am currently dying. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have class from 8:00 to 9:15 then 9:30 to10:45 then 11:00 to 12:15. What makes it worse is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to go to practice and conditioning at 12:30, but my last class is all the way in Temple and I have to full on sprint to make it Siegle before our vans leave for the field. It is the hardest days of my life hands down.

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