New #7 Part 2


Here is the second part of my letter to the new person wearing my jersey that I talked about before.

I know this is long but this number is apart if me. I grew up playing soccer everyday whether that is from Patriot soccer or McLean practice, I always had a ball at my foot. I couldn’t say I am a “legend” at patriot, but I was pretty well known and if you are wearing this jersey PRETTY PLEASE take care of it. It also is a little stretched out because I tuck my shorts into my spandex and I like my jersey big. Okay so Payne wants us to give you some advice and the one thing that is huge to me and the coaches is always do your job and while doing that job work your hardest. No one likes that person who doesn’t move left two feet to get a ball when you pass it to them. Always be vocal. No matter what you do TALK!! Oh something I learned was if the ball was clearly going off you on the sideline for a throw in pick the ball up anyways and throw it in quickly. The refs are a little slow on that aspect so just do it anyways. This number has been through so much, championships, loses, mud, long bus rides, break ups (( don’t date when you’re in season Payne literally hates it and boys are asses unless you have a good relationship than you’re straight )) anything you can think of i’m about 99% sure it has been through it. I guess all the hard work and leadership I had while wearing this jersey has got me to where I am right now typing this message and that’s playing on VCU women’s soccer team. I really hope that you love soccer as much as I did and this team makes you the happiest person in the world because for me it did. Playing on that gorgeous field under the lights was the best memories throughout all high school. You may have a different experience with your career here but love the game no matter what. Everything happens for a reason. I was told I would never make the team by so many jealous girls, but now look where I am.  Let those haters motivate you to be the best you possibly can be.

    I can’t wait to come meet you and see you ball out in this amazing number. If you ever need anything like advice on school, soccer, boys or just wanna walk and become friends I am so down. I am no scary at all I promise haha. Good luck this year!! ALways listen to Payne and Foley and most of the time the center backs. They  know what they are talking about. OHHHH ps I always ate gummy worms before a game, I know not healthy blah blah blah, but they’re maybe some wrappers in the bag. Another thing KEEP THE DUCKS PAYNE GIVES YOU!!!! I am proud to give my jersey up to every has it. Wear it with pride! (:

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