New #7

So for my high school soccer team my coach asked us to write a few words to the next person who gets our jersey and mine was #7. Here is part of my letter:

Dear new #7,


    First of all congrats on making the varsity team. Hopefully it is a big deal as it was for me. So to get this letter started I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amber DiOrio. I played on the varsity team all four years and was captain since sophomore year, but if you’re an upperclassman you already know who I am and how much of a pain in the butt I was. I was the center back so you already know I was a talker. You can even ask Payne how much I scared her. I was told so many times by her that she was scared of me, which is actually funny as hell because Payne was the sweetest coach around and she had one of the scariest girls on her team. Anyways…I’m going to keep this somewhat short and so sweet to the point where I am sobbing writing this. This jersey means a whole lot to me. I grew up in that number. It has taught me so many things like how to lead a team, how to protect that team, and how to be respectful. I would have to say freshman and sophomore year I got into a lot of fights on the field and it was mainly with refs, but I seriously hate all of them and they’re all slow and dumb. Oh watch out for this young, lady ref with long hair and her short brother who looks like a hobbit. They are the worst ever. Also, I am so sorry that jersey has plenty of blood stains, make up stains and who knows when we beat battlefield last year in the championship there may be a little pee. HAHA whoops. I learned a lot and I mean a lot from Foley and Payne. Foley taught me it is okay to let loose and be yourself on their field. He showed me it’s okay to have people laugh at you when you’re doing something that you love. When I was and underclassman Foley would always take me to subway and the jersey was always in my bag, so if you ever have time ask about those trips. We have so many memories. Payne taught me that family over everything. You may not like someone you’re playing with but you’re a team and being a teammate comes first. You can hate each other off the field but on the field you guys better be best friends or you’re going to run pyramids till you guys are besties.

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