Living with 10

So first of all understanding my titles is going to take a little bit of explaining. Okay here we go. I have 8 siblings, no not from the same mom but basically. I have two wonderful, amazing, marine parents. I grew up with only my dad and four other “real” siblings till I was in 8th grade. It was difficult going through those times without a mom so all my friends moms told me they were my “mom” whenever I was with them. But then summer going into freshman year of high school my dad met this amazing woman. She was young and beautiful. They met at a Avenge Sevenfold concert ( I don’t know what that even is) that my dad was working, which now we all work at, and my dad said he could recognize a marine when he sees one but on the other hand she did not. They hit it off that night. Surprisingly my dad still pulls and got her number. As far as I can remember I was introduced to her around my 16 birthday. She had 3 kids making it 8 total kids. Life went on she moved in with us and then boom she got pregnant. Good looks dad because I really wanted a baby sibling to grow up with even though I told him I didn’t want anymore siblings. I gained one of my biggest fans on November 6. So there it was 9 DiOrio-Daroczy children. There was Mo (25), Frankie (21), Amber (19), Creighton (16), Ariana (15), Ryan (13), Sophia (11), Mya (11) and last but certainly not least Angle aka Chico (3).

I always get people asking me, “Wait, how many siblings do you have?” or “How do the holidays work?” or my favorite “Are you parents crazy?” I want to say, “YES! I gladly have 8 siblings.” and “Holidays is probably the mot fun time of the year.” and “Yeah, my parents are something else.”  I never expected my life to be the way it is but I am so beyond grateful to have such a supportive, loving, caring, loyal family. I really don’t get it how people can be an only child. I mean I have 100% thought about how different my life would be, but I also think being alone would make me so much more shy and less independent. I have learned so much from all of my siblings growing up. For example, how to handle different situations and how not to ask my parents if I could go out after they yelled at my siblings for something. With being in such a huge family, we each have a buddy and mine is Frankie because we are closer in age, are exactly he same and both play soccer.  Basically it is like a buddy system if my whole family goes out. No one forgets anyone. It is really hard to be away from them all the time, but they always try to make it to as many games as they can and are always talking about me whether that is in their schools or in the work place.  To be honest, they make me feel like I’m some famous person, but hey ill take it. Even though I have such a large family, we always go out and do things together. We don’t try to be the “normal”, stereo typical family. We all have our own different personalities and thats what makes my family unique. One person can be very artsy and the other can be super sporty, but we all accept each other for who we are. And that right there is what it is like living with 10.

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  1. Im glad to hear you are so close with your siblings. I have three sisters and a brother and I can’t possibly imagine having any more. It’s always nice to come home and have my family there. During holidays is especially the best, like you discussed in your blog. Since I was young I have memories of playing sports with my siblings in our back yard. To this day when everyone gets together we are almost always outside doing activities.

  2. I can relate to this because in my family my dad and my mom only had me making me an only child. However, before my dad met my mom he was with another woman who he had 3 kids with. I like to think of us as a big modern family since we are all so close. When people ask me I have one brother and two sisters. Also, their mother is like a mom to me as well. Even though my dad could be classified as a player his one thing that he made sure we all kept was to stay close to each other and stay connected always. To this day he stresses that we call each other and whenever we don’t he makes a big deal. For me I’ve had two experiences. Some from the perspective of an only child and some from a perspective of having siblings.

  3. Very captivating, my grandpa grew up with 12 siblings so I have heard lots of stories about what is like living with so many other people. Even though he is from another generation you both share similar experiences. He also had a buddy system growing up and still talks with his siblings over the phone even though they are hundreds of miles away in Mexico. I think that the most amazing thing about the story that you both share is that you both have deep relationships with all of your siblings even though there is so many and I admire that. Thanks for sharing!

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