Nail Polish? Nail Polish.

Like always, I had no idea what to write about. I am sitting in study hall right now with my best friend bored as anything. I already finished my psychology quiz, now I am just chilling. Then I looked at my toe and wow they are extremely hideous. You know when it gets above 70º basic girls start to wear their birks, me included. They’re at that stage where the nail polish is still there but like barely and have like spots on my nails. I just bought the cutest nail polish at dollar tree. Yes, dollar tree. Who knew dollar tree would come in clutch. So my best friend and I decided it would be a good idea to paint these bad boys. As I was walking to my apartment, my eyes were glued to my feet while walking. I don’t know if that is weird or not but I was staring hard. When I came back to study hall I started to paint them. Then I got to questioning, why do girls paint their nails? Like I totally understand it is a “norm” for girls to have their nails looking nice, but who decided to get paint, put it on their ten toes and fingers and be like wow this is going to be a girl thing. It makes me very curious. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my nails done and my feet scrubbed, but who decided to make nail polish? I know so many guys, usually football players or athletes, who get their feet done. No nail polish or anything, but do get their feet like massaged and all that jazz.

I usually get my nails done either like white or black because it just goes with anything. But there was this one time when I went to get them done the lady doing my nails told me all black looked like I was goth. Okay, now who decided that black was going to be a goth color? Maybe I think black looked good at me. Sure I wear a lot of black but seriously I am no where close to goth. Right now I don’t have my finger nails done because I like to get acrylic, which are fake nails. Then that leads to another question. Who thought of the idea of getting plastic or whatever they are and putting them on your nails with glue? Then how did we come up with the SNS power where it hardens and makes your nail and the fake nail come together? I don’t know why I am typing a blog about nail polish but who the heck thought it was a good idea for girls to get their nails done? Like we have to have them done to look nice and normally for special occasions. It is just a lot of work and expensive to go get a mani/pedi, but then if we try to do them ourselves our right hand is normally messed up and are toes are a hit or miss. So basically girls can’t win. It either drop a ton of money OR have your nails look like trash.

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  1. This is so perfect lol. I ALWAYS have my toes done, even in the winter, but I usually do them myself even though I suck. Its so hard painting your own toe nails. You have to bend every which way and then to get them done you drop $100 for your fingers and toes. Its hard being a girl, we don’t get anything easy. I’m actually going to get my nails done today because it’s getting warm out, I’m thinking like a baby blue, springy color?? Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying your semester and loving the nice weather and can treat yourself to a mani-pedi!

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