Okay so if you didn’t know I am on the soccer team here at VCU. Every, pre-pre season, fall and spring season we have to run what is called “the beep test”, but we call it “the beep” aka the worst thing to all soccer players who aren’t fit. This test is somewhat like the pacer and there are many different versions of it, but this one is a 20 meter shuttle run where there are beeps for each level you go up to, hence the name Beep Test. It goes up by .1 every time you get to a different score. For VCU the minimum you are supposed to get is 11.2 but with put coaches you wanna make sure you get at least two more above that because they aren’t afraid to mark you down at all.

My experiences with the beep is fine, but most say it is good. The very first one I have ever ran was during pre-pre season, which is two weeks of captains practices where we wake up at 7 am every day. For that one, everyone stopped at 11.2 just so we could get a solid base line of where everyone was at going into the real one. Mind you, you basically have to work your butt off all summer to get  a good passing score. I passed the first “practice” beep test, so it helped me a lot with my confidence going into the actual one. Then for the real test, I was pretty much pooping my pants because I was so nervous. I wanted to be the first freshman to come in and show my coaches how fit I was and how much I wanted it. When it was my time for my group, which was group 2, to go I got stuck next to the fittest girl on the team, Alyssa Tallent. This girl is so good at timing the beeps and getting to the line, I tried my best to stay with her because if i wanted to get a passing score I needed to stay with her. Throughout the whole test I was running with here then it got passed 11.5 and I knew I could go longer. The guy talking got to 12.3 and I had to get one last sprint in before I was completely done. I got 12.4 on that test and it was the highest freshman score and I got fourth place out of everyone.

This spring season we have to do it twice. I have already don’t it once so far and it was right after we came back from winter break and over break I was working out and running everyday just so I could pass the test that was coming up. It was literally two days after we got back and I was standing in my lane ready to run it again. This time I wasn’t really as nervous but still pretty nervous.  The started o count up and up and I just kept running. I got to 12.7 and that was the score I have ever gotten in my whole soccer career of running the beep. I got the high score as well, so go me. Now I have the second spring beep tomorrow and I swear I am going to throw up. I have to get either 12.9 or 13.1 and I have a hurt foot/toe. I have a bunion and turf toe and if you didn’t know both are extremely painful and the worst things to be playing on. My trainers were even questioning how I am playing because my toe is super swollen and it’s killer pain right after I play. I just say its the adrenaline. But as for tomorrow I am screwed and I feel like I am more game fit then actual beep test fit and yes there is a big difference. SOO let’s pray I don’t fail and I don’t cry while running it.

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  1. I was in my High School soccer team as well and we used to do the beep test. It takes a lot of work in the gym and a strong mindset to do well on it. Congratulations on passing it and being the only freshman to do it is remarkable. I wish you the best in your upcoming games.

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