Living with Divorced Parents

So last blog means writing about something that I know a lot about: having divorced parents. Yesterday in my Diverse Families & Children’s class we were talking about blended families and man do I absolutely have one. My dad and mom got a divorce around 7th and 8th grade, but I don’t really remember. I didn’t really care that she was leaving because she treated my dad horribly. The only issue about my mom leaving was having a mother figure. My dad eventually met Dee, my stepmom. When I first saw a picture of her I was convinced my dad was getting cat-fished and I even told him to his face that he was. I finally met her and at first I thought she was a single gal just living her life, but I was wrong. She has three children: Ariana (15), Ryan (13), and Mya (11). I really hated her, like you know how you see evil stepmothers on TV and everything. That’s what I thought she was to me.We literally fought everyday and most the time she would be so sweet to me and buy me stuff but I was just somewhat using her to get stuff…yikes. But back to the family. I have had two different experiences with divorce. With my dad and my mom, it was a nasty, horrible divorce. With my stepmom and Joey, her ex, it was literally the best ending divorce which sounds weird to say. Dee and Joey  were best friends when they got married. They were both young and in the marines so they decided to get hitched. Their marriage was very bad, but they made sure their divorce was civil for their kids. In contrast, my parents marriage was bad and ended bad.

Having a blended family can be extremely difficult at times, but most the time it is very enjoyable.  I have four “real” sibling: Morales (25), Francisco (21), Creighton (17) and Sophia (11). I have three step and one “half” brother: Angle (3). Throughout my whole 19 years of living, I have only known what it is like to have to wait after  five kids to get their food so I can get my own food, how it feels like to share a room at the age of 19 and constantly figure out what to get all 200 of my siblings for holiday or birthdays. I will never know what it is like to be the only kid or have 1 to 2 siblings but that is okay. Living with a happy, large, loving family is way better than a small, miserable family. I have to admit I get jealous of the people I know who do only have 1 to 2 siblings because they get to go on more vacations and have more trips out of the country, but I can’t thank my own two parents for giving me everything I have ever asked for and more. They have made it so that I am capable of living out my dream with soccer and gaining happiness from the traveling I do from playing soccer. My whole family takes up a whole bleacher at soccer games and they are beyond supportive at every game. So yea, having divorced parents is rough but I think having y dad unhappy for the rest of his life would kill me inside. I see him happy as can be and that makes me happy.

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