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Search by Filetype

By adding filetype:kmz OR filetype:kml to our search we’re finding only Google Earth files which are associated with geographic data. That’s useful in a variety of circumstances beyond the obvious connections to science and history. For instance, English teachers might be inspired by Google Lit Trips.

Keep in mind you can also focus your searches around other file types including- Excel, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

Search by Time

By adding site:edu to our search we’re searching only sites in the EDU domain.

This search pattern can search across all domains of a certain type (like we did with edu domains) or you can use it to search a specific site like That’s particularly handy when a site doesn’t have a decent search option built in.

These examples find KML/KMZ files on “water temperatures” but you can replace that phrase with your own area of focus when you get to the Google page.

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