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Syllabi from other instructors can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. We can make finding them fast and easy with two simple Google tricks.

Search by Filetype

By adding filetype:pdf to our search we’re finding only PDF documents because that’s how most people put up syllabi.

Keep in mind you can also focus your searches for other file types including- Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Google Earth.

Search by Site

By adding site:edu to our search we’re searching only sites in the EDU domain.

This search pattern can search across all domains of a certain type (like we did with edu domains) or you can use it to search a specific site like That’s particularly handy when a site doesn’t have a decent search option built in.

These examples find syllabi on “graphic design” but you can replace that phrase with your own area of focus when you get to the Google page.

Try It Live Try It in Advanced Search


You can always use Google’s advance search on your own–without this page–by using this URL:

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