The Great Settling Down

“The Great Settling Down” is a rebuttal to the argument that the American society is becoming increasingly transient and touches on the notion that the number and strength of communities is decreasing in America. As evidenced by the census, the amount of the amount population that move away from their established communities has been on a steady decline for multiple centuries despite cries that communities are weakening as a result of nomadic behavior stemming from the want of better jobs and better housing. Fischer mentions that fears of weakening communities also fail to be substantiated as people prefer to maintain long distance relationships over local ones in their area even as they become less mobile.

As people fail to interact and establish connections with their local community, they are unable to create the “place” that McClay describes. They don’t seek out experiences around them. They don’t create experiences with their neighbors. They aren’t establishing a “place”.

I’ve only lived in one city, Fairfax. Being known for the Fairfax County school system, the government website, expectedly focuses on the elementary, middle, and high schools in the area. Additionally, being near the Chesapeake Bay, the website promotes the quality of the bay.

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