Experiential Perspective

To Tuan, learning through experiences is the result of all of the human senses and the process of having experiences is through feelings and human emotion. With human intellect, people willingly choose to take the risks that lead to their feeling of emotion. Fear, love, hate, and anger. Human emotions drives people to adapt in order to overcome such emotions. Human learning derives from adapting to the emotions that come from daily experiences and reacting to the struggles that society imposes on them. Learning from experiences only comes when people are willing extends themselves and take risks. Life experiences provides the risk and opportunities to learn.


In contrast to the monotonous repetitiveness of daily life, holding a higher awareness of the senses is also is to be more aware of the experiences of daily life. Instead of mindlessly going through a typical day without acknowledging the features of life that enable their senses. By heightening awareness of the senses, we place more importance on the aspects of life that make an impact on our lives, whether noticed or not. Rather than overlooking the tiny details of life, we should take more time to put value on the details that are activating our senses, acknowledge the details that leave their lasting impact on our senses, and feel the emotions that such details induce. On a day to day basis, all of the senses are bombarded with information from all angles. It’s very easy to become jaded and to simply start tuning out all of the information being fed to our senses, but recognizing which part of our lives has created the most impact is meaningful to furthering the creation of new experiences.

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