Tell me how it ends – A beginning of a chronicle

Tell Me How It Ends, a tale of the United States immigration system, chronicles the journey of the many immigrants risking their lives and dream to cross over the United States border. In a forty question questionnaire, human emotions are released bare, lives are created, and dreams are destroyed. Luiselli begins with the most basic question on the questionnaire, “Why did you come to the United States?”A deceptively simple question that intensely drags out the most complex and intricate of answers. This first question of many is posed to lost children. Children in a foreign world. Children that have lost any semblance of safety, of comfort. “Alien” children in an alien world to them. Children living in environments so appalling, they’re willing to destroy their entire lives just for the chance to make a new one. A multitude of reasons exist, all to be teased out by the first question. Following that, the questionnaire delves into the children’s journey as they trek to the United States. “What countries did you pass through?” “How did you travel here?” “Where are your parents?” All of which, meant to provide an individual profile of each child, yet fails to provide an individual human touch in each of these cases. Luiselli, at the end of this first chapter, foreshadows her own journey in providing that human touch and beginning her path to providing a voice for each child.

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