Tell Me How It Ends – Part 2

Driven by fear. Driven by impulse. An animal will run. Running with madness and running with fear. Running away from the life they were assigned in this game of survival, the thousands of immigrant children are living on fear and shadows. They live on the fear of violence from their birth home, the fear of death from gangs, and the fear of being deported back to living with the root of their fears. They live in the world of shadows where everywhere they turn, they’re fighting a constant battle just to stay alive against the invisible assailants from the United States. They live in the world of darkness where the only light they see is the dim, flickering of immigrant support groups and everything else lacks the guiding light of friends and family to shine on the path. The questionnaire asks if the children are “happy” and “safe”, yet the system works gleefully hard to make said feelings of happiness and safety the most difficult to attain. From the shortening of the window to find a lawyer from 12 months to 21 days and granting border patrol the power to deport Mexican immigrants on any grounds, it becomes comical to compare the intent of the questionnaire to the judicial beast the children are fed to.

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