Tell Me How It Ends – Part 3

The immigration process, an elaborate game of chance and a beautiful display of finesse. Through the tireless work of translators such as Luiselli communicating the adventures of the children crossing over the border and the thankless work of the lawyers that commit themselves to representing the children in court, they ensure that the limited number of children they’re able to represent are guaranteed the full benefits of the immigration process. With every child, Luiselli and lawyers craft the grisly tales of children like Manu running from MS-13, struggling with all his might to stay alive. Luiselli will regularly hear the tale begin as one of fear or a tale of survival that ends with no conclusion. Once the questionnaire reaches its end, the children are either sent into the claws of the courts or deported back. That is where their tale with Luiselli will end. It is a story that either has no ending or one that ends in darkness. And even with her work with immigrant children, listening to hundreds of stories still can’t answer the most stand out question, “Why did you come to the United States?” What appeal is there to the United States beyond just being a place to escape from violence? What reason does Luiselli have herself to fight so hard for her green card?


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