Government Spying

The current issues of government spying is very similar to the surveillance in Breach due to the citizens of both sides being under a constant state of being monitored. And in addition to that, anyone that breaks the laws of the government, is swiftly apprehended due to the government having the overwhealming power of information at their disposal to insure that all citizens are not stepping past the boundaries set in place.

University Development – New University Construction

I would agree with this argument. In this current quest to transform VCU into a top tier school that garners respect, there has to be other motivating factors beyond just the education. Currently, VCU’s engineering department is growing its 25 in 25 plan (To push VCU engineering to be a top 25 school within 25 years) and so, concurrently to that, the school must also expand the campus to attract and accommodate the increasing number of students that come for the city college experience. To become a well known name, the school must continue to grow both in size as well as quality in order to be able to take in more and more students.

ICA Photo Post – You belong here

The you in this piece would refer directly to everyone that would glance on this piece. Because the hurricane drove away a lot of people from new Orleans this message I think is meant to signify that New Orleans is still the home for the people that remain here if they feel that their home is different from what it was before and if it doesn’t feel like their home anymore.

Social Classes – Impacts of social class

Social class can impact a person’s life in many ways. Being of a lower class can mean that they are stuck in a never ending loop of being in a lower class because they are not able to receive the benefits of the higher classes that they would need in order to get out of it. Being part of a lower economic class would also mean lower access to proper healthcare and nutrition and lead to increased health problems when then makes their economic situation even worse than it already was, leaving them stuck deeper and deeper in the hole of their predicament. In addition to the economic problems of being in a lower economic class, being in a lower social has issues as well. There is an increased chance of being stopped by police and an increased level of prejudice in job applications or in the criminal justice system.

Power Abuses – The US Government and Abuses of power

Yes, I believe that the US does abuse its power. The most public example of which is civil forfeiture. Police can use their power as law enforcement officials to seize assets they believe are involved in a crime and the owners of those assets have no or little ability to defend themselves or take steps to regain the items that were taken away from them. Another example is the high level of surveillance implemented to monitor communications. Police have the ability to use Stingray systems in order to monitor the communications of citizens without their consent. Over the years, law enforcement have been gaining more and more power to control citizens without their consent.

Baldwin – UniverCities

Universities, due to their need to house a very large amount of people have engulfed cities that they grow in. States and local cities are very willing to hand out benefits and incentives for universities to build campuses, new shops, and housing in an attempt to bring in more economic growth. The universities, as they expand, will also bring in more jobs as the increasing number of students will bring along extra maintenance as well. However with this growth, people are being displaced as the universities bring in college students with money to spend and push out existing residents. Even here in VCU, the school is buying up much of the property around its campus in order to build up new housing buildings or new schools. The land that the school acquires is transforming the city dominated by the school and its students.