Clifton Strengths:
Positivity – Woo – Communication

Self-Assurance – Arranger


The Personal 

I am a Floridian by birth; however, I spent most of my life in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Naturally, I am wholeheartedly a beach over mountains type of person. I enjoy being out in the sunshine, and over the last few years have gotten into running. After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to explore, so I went out-of-state for undergrad ending up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I enjoyed my time in Charlotte; I stayed there for about ten years until my return to Virginia in 2019.

The Professional 

I am a passionate admissions professional who believes in the power of higher education and its positive impacts on students, families, and communities. As a young professional, I wasn’t sure how long I would stay in this career. However, as the years went by, I saw just how wonderful it is to be a small part of a student’s journey. There’s nothing like seeing a student’s face light up when they find out they are college-bound! There’s a saying amongst admissions professionals; you’re either in the profession for three years or 30 years, no in-between. I can confirm, I’m in it for the long haul!

The Purpose

While I love my profession, there is work to be done! Just as the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen suggests, there is always an opportunity for continuous improvement. There is still work to be done to diversify and create a culture of inclusion within higher education. We cannot ignore that this system, with its many benefits, is exclusionary. I believe we in college admission are and should be at the forefront of the push for diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a student in this program, I hope to gain the knowledge and skillsets needed to formulate policies producing macro-level change within enrollment practices, leading towards more abundant diversity within the student population.

For a more detailed overview of my professional experience, please view my resume.