Personal Testimony

As a prospective art student, I planned to be an illustration major. However, upon attending art school, and through the work and the way it is structured, I discovered my true passion lies in sculpture. Art school required me to branch out and try new mediums, and if I had not attended art school I would have never discovered what field of art truly interested me.


Now, I’m being trained at one of the best art schools in the country, and being equipped with the skills and knowledge imparted on me by professors who are also practicing artists. I spent my first night of college in the studio making a wolf pelt out of cardboard. Ever since then, I realized that I made the right decision and have taken advantage of all the resources art school has to offer. Now I spend my nights behind a welding mask constructing contraptions out of seemingly useless junkyard metal, or covered in plaster making molds of strange found objects, expanding my set of skills and learning everything I can in preparation for my future.


You can view my portfolio of work I have made at art school here!