Why I love people

They’re just so fascinating! (Says the PhD psychologist).  Don’t worry, I’m not analyzing you (standard response when people find out I’m a PhD psychologist. As an aside, never tell people on an airplane you’re a clinical psychologist; it appears to be taken as a carte blanche invitation for them to spend the next several hours in flight telling you their tragic tales).  In fact my research is focused a lot more on genetics and behavior than human cognitions or motivation.  But I do confess that I find people fascinating, and this week has been a lovely example of why.

I love how smart people, provided the same information, can come away with such different interpretations.  This was evident from day one, session one when our university seminar group watched a video about the evolution of the web.   I loved that video!  And I also found it fascinating that the first person who provided an opinion on it said something along the lines of it being “metaphysical crap”.  Now isn’t that interesting?   This is one of the things I love about academia and about inquiry in general:  that people interpret and process things in such different ways – and that there can be truth in all of those diverging perspectives.  As we have continued along this journey of exploring complex topics like general education, higher education, integrative thinking, and digital fluency, I find the diversity of thought around these issues to be deeply interesting.  I hope that through our rich exchanges, we can all come to a deeper level of thinking about these complex topics.

Then again, perhaps that is just more metaphysical crap!  But it isn’t to me.  Now isn’t that fascinating…

2 thoughts on “Why I love people

  • June 3, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    If it is metaphysical crap, I love to be part of such diversity of thought and interpretation.

  • June 4, 2015 at 11:29 am

    I love the video too. My own powers of analysis, meager as they may be, allow me to recognize its flaws, its limits. They help(?) me recognize my own flaws and limits as well, often to the point of near-paralysis. (Oops, look who just sat down next to you on the plane. Sorry.) At the same time, I love the video because of what is good, even great about it, virtues and strengths it would take too long to list here. Perhaps that’s also the teacher in me, but I hope it’s primarily the human being in me, the human being that yearns for opening education because of what the best of my teachers gave me, and encouraged me to recognize, in this mean, beautiful world.


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