Paragraph and Inquiry Project Outline

Employers have every right to check on their employee’s social media, as it is not an invasion of privacy. Uploading videos, text, etc. to the Internet through gives the right to anyone who feels the need or want to look at it. Employers check their applicants social media to have a better understanding of the type of person they’re hiring. If there are uploads to social media that users would rather not have on display for possible employers, then those users have some options. There are multiple things protecting employees from having their private social media updates from being monitored. If a person doesn’t want everyone to see their personal updates, they may manage their settings to do so. With that being said, people shouldn’t upload things to the Internet for everyone to see that is private to the owner.


1. Introduction

a) Invasion of Privacy?

b) Concerns

2. Social Media

a) How it works

3. Privacy

a) Settings

b) Laws

4. Choices

a) Is it worth it?

5. Conclusion

6. Sources

Persuasive Guide

Concept Experience 5

Part one:

In the article “If the World Began Again, Would Life As We Know it Exist?”, I feel the argument could have been a little stronger for better clarification. Some media was used but did help the reader have a better understanding of the point the author was trying to get across. Many scientific facts were used as evidence which gave good support to the author’s claims. I find that the design of this essay was fluent and easy to follow.

Part two:

My choice of platform for my Inquiry Project would have to be WordPress. I chose this because I feel most comfortable with this medium as it is the only one I understand at this current time. While I’m working on my project I do not want to be worrying about how I will apply to the platform I wish to present it on. With WordPress I have everything I need at my disposal and is more comfortable knowing that as I move forward.

Deconstruction on “If the World Began Again”

What is the thesis or main claim that the author is making?

It seems that the author is claiming that evolution would not play out the same way if it were to start over.

Does the author make sub-claims? If so, which ones?

The author makes some sub-claims that are mainly facts being pointed out.

What kinds of evidence does tha author use? (scholarly? Peer-reviewed? Secondary?)

The author uses scholarly evidence throughout his paper.

Is the evidence credible? Why or why not?

The evidence is credible as it is easy to find his sources and to do more research on the evidence itself.

What kinds of rhetorical strategies does the author use?

The author used logical reasoning as his strategy in this paper.

Does the author make a logical argument? If so, why?

It’s hard to say when I’m not sure which side he is arguing for.

Did you find any logical fallacies?

I did not find any logical fallacies within this paper.

Overall, did you find the argument persuasive? Why or why not?

I did not find this argument very persuasive since I could not tell what the author was persuading towards. This article was mainly built on facts without a given direction.

Last Nugget

““Devices” which variously store, retrieve, or manipulate information in the form of messages embedded in a medium have been in existence for thousands of years. People use them to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head, external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through feedback, to augment the actual paths the thinking follows. Methods discovered in one medium provide metaphors which contribute new ways to think about notions in other media.

For most of recorded history, the interactions of humans with their media have been primarily nonconversational and passive in the sense that marks on paper, paint on walls, even “motion” pictures and television, do not change in response to the viewer’s wishes. A mathematical formulation—which may symbolize the essence of an entire universe—once put down on paper, remains static and requires the reader to expand its possibilities.”

Old letter

This nugget stood out to me because it reminds me how certain things stay the same although they have evolved tremendously over time. How we use to materialize our thoughts by using a feather pen dipped in ink but now simply tap on a smooth surface small enough to fit in our pockets. By thinking, we created what went into that materialized thought and is open to interpretation by whomever sees it next.


Another is how we view media without any real evolvement. Sure now we have more social media where we can share our own thoughts with the world through videos and text. However viewers cannot change what will happen next as it has already been predetermined by the original creator of the media.




Updated Research Proposal

Over the week I have gathered more information on my topic and made a discovery. I noticed that there are more things to talk about on my topic than I had originally thought when I started. The effects of social media in the workplace takes place in more areas than in applications.



What I’m deciding now is whether or not I should discuss these other issues. I don’t want to broaden my search too much but at the same time I find these other issues to be important. Is it invasion of privacy for employers to check on their employees use of social media?


Concept Experience 3B

When I think, it feels like there are multiple similar thoughts developing as if it is a puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, so is my overall thought. When I look back at my history, I’m a little surprised on how I would jump around a lot. I have never before looked back at my history to see how my train of though, that is constantly changing, coincides with my web searches. I noticed that just about all the things I clicked on and searched out of curiosity were related in some way. When searching for information, I often go back and forth through Google to find other websites that give me the exact answer I happen to be looking for. This is the way I have done research ever since I started doing research on the internet.

Logic is a simple reasoning that people follow by daily in the world. Our machines have taken logic to a whole new level by only being able to act by logical means. I remember when I used to plan things all on my own and it would take time just to do the technical things that slow down the process of planning. Humans created technology to better their lives. The computer is a convenient device that has many uses other than just planning, organizing, etc. Practically making humans and computers very well connected to each other. Simply because we must use the computer in order for it to assist in solving our problems. So when computers became more advanced, I realized how much faster they sorted out things for us as Najia said. Although I’ve seen that some of the others, like Kolton, have found this to be problematic by replacing people in the workforce with machines, I’ve also noticed some comments on how self-capable machines will be helpful to us. If I was a student trying to interpret data on a number of different measurements I could use a computer to do the math while I spend more time on analyzing the data and figuring out what it could all mean. I believe Technology is evolving in the correct direction that it needs to go in order for the optimal usage by man.

A step that a human being take is small compared to the amount of steps it takes to figure out a complex problem. Reading other classmates blog posts has been a cool way to see others perspectives on our reading assignments. It was a new experience when I then went back to redo the nugget post and add links to other essays. Finding ways to organize other links into my post was an interesting process for me.

This concept experience was a fun challenge to take pieces that may have nothing to do with each other and add them together as if they belonged that way.


Concept Experience 3A

When I’m digesting the ideas that are flowing into my head from other people, it is as if the ideas are popping in my head like popcorn.  One idea creates a chain reaction of ideas that come in at either a slow or fast rate. To see the ideas that form in my head as an add on to what people are telling me is basically the same as watching popcorn in the microwave. Although when some ideas or forgotten it’s the same as certain popcorn getting burnt and losing taste. The ideas that are preserved are the golden pieces with rich butterfly flavor.


Inquiry Project Proposal

For my topic I decided to go with social media and how it can be looked at as an invasion of privacy when businesses look at applicant’s accounts. For a while now I’ve been hearing people complain about how they feel uncomfortable applying for a job when they know their personal social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be looked at and judged. I personally don’t have many worries about this topic since I’m not much of a social media person. However, I do find this topic interesting since I wouldn’t like anyone invaded my privacy. Though some could argue that it’s not a real invasion of privacy since it is being put out on the internet for anyone to see. So my question for this topic would have to be, is it is okay for businesses to look through their applicant’s social media?

Social media

Privacy Statement