Concept Experience 3B

When I think, it feels like there are multiple similar thoughts developing as if it is a puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, so is my overall thought. When I look back at my history, I’m a little surprised on how I would jump around a lot. I have never before looked back at my history to see how my train of though, that is constantly changing, coincides with my web searches. I noticed that just about all the things I clicked on and searched out of curiosity were related in some way. When searching for information, I often go back and forth through Google to find other websites that give me the exact answer I happen to be looking for. This is the way I have done research ever since I started doing research on the internet.

Logic is a simple reasoning that people follow by daily in the world. Our machines have taken logic to a whole new level by only being able to act by logical means. I remember when I used to plan things all on my own and it would take time just to do the technical things that slow down the process of planning. Humans created technology to better their lives. The computer is a convenient device that has many uses other than just planning, organizing, etc. Practically making humans and computers very well connected to each other. Simply because we must use the computer in order for it to assist in solving our problems. So when computers became more advanced, I realized how much faster they sorted out things for us as Najia said. Although I’ve seen that some of the others, like Kolton, have found this to be problematic by replacing people in the workforce with machines, I’ve also noticed some comments on how self-capable machines will be helpful to us. If I was a student trying to interpret data on a number of different measurements I could use a computer to do the math while I spend more time on analyzing the data and figuring out what it could all mean. I believe Technology is evolving in the correct direction that it needs to go in order for the optimal usage by man.

A step that a human being take is small compared to the amount of steps it takes to figure out a complex problem. Reading other classmates blog posts has been a cool way to see others perspectives on our reading assignments. It was a new experience when I then went back to redo the nugget post and add links to other essays. Finding ways to organize other links into my post was an interesting process for me.

This concept experience was a fun challenge to take pieces that may have nothing to do with each other and add them together as if they belonged that way.


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