What Will I Dream?

When I hang out on the internet, I don’t always necessarily know if I am there by choice. Increasingly, the internet feels like this black hole that I am pulled to whenever I feel anxious, stressed, or bored. I spend way too much time there and it seriously hinders my real world work.

I hang out on reddit and digg as my main hubs and branch out to new things from there in a never ending web of media. Youtube videos, news articles, movie and television related articles, gifs,  and silly pictures dominate most of what I “enjoy.” It keeps me busy. It keeps my brain entertained. I learn a lot. Is it all good for me?

One thought on “What Will I Dream?”

  1. I agree that the internet can be a time sucker sometimes. Do you find it ironic that a device that was designed in order to make tasks able to be completed faster now acts as a place where we can waste time?

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