Follow That Flute Studio

I have maintained a teaching studio comprised of students on flute, piccolo, recorder, IMG_1059clarinet, and saxophones since 1981. The lion’s share of lessons are one on one along with trio and quartet ensemble coaching. Music theory and history are methodically incorporated into each session. My younger students consistently claim top ranking positions as they successfully audition for and participate in all-county and all-district programs, jazz bands, the Interlochen Arts Camp, and the Richmond Youth Orchestra. Others have come to me specifically to prepare for college entrance auditions and theory placement tests.

In addition to musical instruction I have facilitated student performances in a variety of venues ranging from community centers, churches, music stores, libraries, bookstores, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and retirement centers.

Intermittently over the years I have split my teaching schedule between my home and a Sax Trio 2013business or educational site. Ultimately I gravitated to simply  teaching at home which provided the most autonomy and flexibility which was what I needed in order to coordinate lessons with my professional performances, college teaching and parental responsibilities.

Being self employed via instrumental pedagogy has been both challenging and rewarding. An extended network of warm relationships has been established with my students and their family members that I don’t think would have been possible in an institutional setting.  I consider myself fortunate to be able to mentor someone, often for several years, and witness her/his unique development.