Cover Letter

Dear Faculty Member,


At the beginning of this course I saw myself as a decent writer, but I realized that need to improve greatly on the way I structured my essays in order to clearly explain my thesis. I knew how to develop a claim that answered the prompt, and I knew how to select reasons that would support my claim, but I wanted to learn now to create stronger arguments. As my writing improved, the way I viewed  myself as a thinker, writer and collaborator also improved. I learned the right questions to ask myself while thinking and collaborating,i in order to figure out the best way to write my papers. Writing my Unit 1 Paper, Against the Norm, is when I began to think a lot harder on why I was choosing each specific evidence to support my reasons for my claim. I began to realize the need to select evidence that directly supports my reasons. While creating my Unit 2 Paper, Ebola, I realized that I needed to focus on carrying out my ideas all the way through my conclusion to really drive my point home. Since the conclusion is the last thing the audience reads, it is important to make sure that my thesis is clarified in the way throughout the paper. Lastly in my Unit 3 Paper, Genetic Modification, I learned that when I need to be sure my evidence is structured around one claim, and not jumbled up with too much evidence in one paragraph. I realized that it is better to have two paragraphs with the same claim, but supported with two different sets of evidence. The future I can apply what I’ve learned from this class by taking the time to make sure that I am not repeating the same mistakes I had previously made.


Thank you,

Vanessa Duah

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