“Their handwritings intermingled in their notebooks”. p.57

This quote is expressing Marie and Pierre’s teamwork, and how they built off the  ideas of each other.

Redniss uses this quote and more specifically the word “inter minded” to illuminate the couple’s togetherness and teamwork while conducting their research. Pierre provided Marie with tools and a technique he had developed for crystals, and with this technique Marie built a circuit (p. 44). Whether in or out of the lab, Marie and Pierre were always in sync helping one another. As they grew in advanced in their research they still remained intermingled with one another.

This reminded me of a lot of things in our world that go hand in hand, working together to create something better, or working together to create a new product.


The picture is of an tree with intertwined branches, and as the tree grows, it branches still remain intertwined with one another. At the  end of the branches  are leaves, which symbolize the products the both branches bear.

This picture reminded me not only of the quote , but also of Radioactive as a whole because the book put great emphasis on partnership. Even when Pierre dies, Marie ends up together with Paul and the two of them work together on their careers. Even though there was friction in their relationship due to the fact that Langevin already had a wife, Marie and Langevin were still intertwined with one another when it came to their research.

The intertextual elements throughout this book are used to enhance the certain topic being discussed at that point in the book. Redniss expresses how Americans succeeded in building the world’s first atomic weapon, she also includes the first hand account of surveyor Sadae Kasaoka, and the terrible experience she had. She adds this intertextual to show that although creating the atomic bomb was a great advancement to America’s sciences, and defense system, it was also a devastating creation to people like Sade Kasoka who lost family members at such young age. This ties into the quote and the picture of the intertwined branches. Redniss intertwines both the good and the bad side of creating the atomic bomb.



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