Weekly Blog (week 6)

The students will be asked to visit this website through NatGeo Kids, through the link, and will read about habitats by clicking through the pictures. Then, they will go into google classroom and complete the assignment: drag and drop the animal under which box it is labeled and also drag that animal’s food, home and water into the box as well.

Science SOL: 2.5 The student will investigate and understand that living things are part of a system. Key concepts include

            b) an animal’s habitat includes adequate food, water, shelter or cover, and space

Content- The information they learn about in through NatGeo Kids can help them figure out the puzzle for their assignment.

Pedagogy- Students will learn about different habitats through the NatGeo Kids website by pictures and information to go along with them. They will then use what they have read and learned about to help match up the habitats in the assignment.

Technology- Using a computer and Google Classroom, students will find the link to the NatGeo Kids webpage about habitats and they will click through the pictures to learn about them. After they have completed that, they will then do the online assignment through Google Classroom.

TPK- The website aids in the students learning about habitats so they can do well on the virtual assignment.

PCK- They will have already had some background knowledge about habitats, but they will dive deeper into learning more about them through reading and seeing pictures.

TCK- The website talks directly about habitats which is exactly the information they need to complete the online assignment in Google Classroom.

Class Code- vpuimwb

NatGeo Kids Website- habitats

2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog (week 6)

  1. The concept behind this assignment is genius. It’s definitely something students would enjoy doing in an online setting, and it would take up less time than having them cut each picture out and gluing them. I did the reading and went to complete the assignment, but’s in view only mode. I would recommend making sure your settings are open for the class to be able to access. Since it is on Google Slides, I was wondering how you would be able to tell the student completed the lesson? I think that once students have access and can make edits, it would edit the entire slide for the class. Maybe you could have students use those pictures and information and create their own Google Slide presentation.

  2. I thought this was a great assignment and students would gain knowledge from it while having fun. However, like Samantha stated, I would just make sure it’s public so students have access to it without having to ask for permission to edit.

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