Month: November 2021

IPE Experience

This was my first time as a preceptor for interprofessional education. The IPEC learning experience is one I would have valued when I first went to nursing school; so, I was glad to see this educational opportunity from the preceptor end. Being able to look at the various disciplines perspectives was illuminating. You can see how these perspectives play out in the hospital. I have had multiple experiences with being preceptor, but this was my first experience as a virtual preceptor. With being a virtual preceptor, I learned to take advantage of the times the students invited me to their group meetings. It is so much easier to form preceptor/preceptee relationships in person versus virtually. Also, the timing for choosing to be a preceptor is important. Next time, I will select a period of time where school and work are more conducive to having time available for the students.

No Ego

Removing drama from the work place is no easy feat. For some, drama makes everything more interesting, for others it is a waste of time. Leaders need the skills to redirect the dramatic conversations; to coach their team members on how to have self-reflection. The book No Ego by Cy Wakeman offers data on the amount of time wasted related to drama and gives leaders strategies for how to decrease drama in the workplace. She addresses the issue with open door policy as well as the expectation that leaders have direct control over engagement surveys. Additionally, she provides guidance for how to hold others accountable which has become a lost art in the workplace.  I found this book interesting and believe it can be useful for leaders.

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