Week 4: Portrait of Lady Image

I chose the picture of tall trees, because this image resonated with me while reading the first two lines of the poem, “Your thighs are apple trees/ whose blossoms touch the sky.”

Classmate reflections:

My fellow classmate, Miguel, reflected on the poem, Once by the Pacific.

Once by the Pacific Image

I liked the image Miguel used. At first, the picture seems as is if everything if fine. Yet, if you look closer, there is a big wave coming in that looks very harmful. If I were to choose a picture, it wouldn’t have been this image. It would have had more tones of dark blue, gray, and black. But I think the image Miguel used was very interesting.

My fellow classmate, Nay, reflected on the poem, “Poem (as the cat)”

“Poem (As The Cat)” Image

I thought the image was cute and funny and depicts the poem perfectly.

My fellow classmate, Rebecca, reflected on the poem, “Whales weep not”

“Whales Weep Not!” Image

I thought her depiction was great! I love Tarzan and felt the gorilla tribe was a perfect image/group to choose.

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