Weekly blog post – Due 1/28 (Monday Night) by midnight

  • Describe your TPACK lesson.  Include any links or graphics.  Describe how the Technology, Pedagogy and Content work together to create an effective lesson.

My group chose to do 3.13, which is about reading a thermometer and being able to round to the nearest degree.  A misconception that we had discussed was how students might always round up instead of having to round both up and down.

The pedagogy that we were going to do was first practice as a big class on a giant thermometer as seen below, then give the students either in pairs or small groups to practice together, and for students who complete the practice with movable thermometer will have a worksheet with both pictures of thermometers to write the temp and temps that they will have to draw on a thermometer.

The technology we will use is the bi class movable thermometer and also smaller scale ones at their desks.

In the picture here, the teaching thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit  with a red movable strip to show different temperatures and for students to practice.

Demonstration Thermometer