1.11 The student will recognize the symbols and traditional practices that honor and foster patriotism in the United States by

  1. a) identifying the American flag, bald eagle, Washington Monument, and Statue of Liberty

We will be talking about what being an American means, and different symbols that represent America

Somethings we will talk about is:

  • Why we have different symbols in the US
  • What each symbol represents
  • Why each symbol is unique to the US
  • The significance of each symbol

We would address that each symbol has a specific meaning, and they cannot be confused. We would also make sure that the words that we used to talk about to describe the Pledge would not be confused for the real words



Watch the Brain Pop video then split the class into 4 or 8 groups depending on the size of the class each getting a different symbol. The students would have to research in an already written out paper that the students need to pull out the important facts in about their symbol. Each group will present their facts, and will put them onto a poster that will be posted on the wall of the classroom.



Pedagogy and content:

Using group works will help the students be able to go in depth about their symbol, but also gain the knowledge by each group sharing their facts with the entire class


Technology and content:

The video will help us show that there are different symbols in the US and what a symbol is. The pictures and facts about each symbol will help the students learn why each one is important and how it came to be in America


Technology and Pedagogy:

The facts that we will use will help the students be able to learn each symbol and why they are important. The video will show the students what symbols are and why we have them. Using the video will help the students start their curiosity on what the symbols are in the US.