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SOL 4.3

The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include e) simple electromagnets and magnetism;


Technology: Youtube video, Brain Pop game

Content: We are focusing on magnetism, and how the poles work on the earth. There are many things that are magnetic on earth Misconceptions: What poles are, and that all metals are magnetic.

Pedagogy: We will use a video to introduce magnetism to students. Then the students will play a game on finding the poles on a plane. Next, the students will identify different objects that are magnetic on a form. Last, students will post on the discussion talking about an interesting fact on magnets.

TCK: By watching the youtube video students will learn all about magnetism and then be able to experiment with magnets by playing the brain pop magnet hunt game which will help students get a better understanding of how magnets work.

TPK: Using the video and interactive game allows the students to be more engaged instead of just listening to a lecture about magnets.

PCK: The pedagogy supports the content knowledge because after doing the interactive game and video, the students should have an understanding of magnetism.


Objective: Given a video and interactive activity, the students will be able to identify what objects a magnet will attract and repel with 80% accuracy.