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Final Project

Ignite Presentation- Reglar Slides-   Worked on with Taylor Petty

Week 13

I see some similarities between and the standards in the upper elementary grades. I think that the standards in Kindergarten are not feasible for that age. With the students not being able to read, or having very limited reading… Continue Reading →

week 10

4.6 The student will investigate and understand how weather conditions and phenomena occur  and can be predicted. Key concepts include a)  weather phenomena; b)  weather measurements and meteorological tools; and c)  use of weather measurements and weather phenomena to make… Continue Reading →

join code : aazayi SOL 4.3 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include e) simple electromagnets and magnetism;   Technology: Youtube video, Brain Pop game Content: We are focusing on magnetism, and how the… Continue Reading →

I created a lesson plan based on the water cycle my classroom code is aazayi   Content: The students will be learning about the water cycle. Misconceptions: That the water cycle repeats itself over and over Most fresh water is located… Continue Reading →

Week 5 Making activity

SOL 2.8 The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services. Pedagogy: To create a store that the students can buy and sell different items, then after practicitng for… Continue Reading →

LMS week 5

The only LMS software I have used is Blackboard. Both in my High school and now in college. I like having one space where I can find all the information I need. It also helps me navigate and get the… Continue Reading →

Week 4- My boat!

    When I printed my boat, my flag was not attached, but I super-glued it on. Now it lives in my fish tank  

Week 4

3.14 The student will identify, describe, compare, and contrast characteristics of plane and solid geometric figures (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, cube, rectangular prism, square pyramid, sphere, cone, and cylinder) by identifying relevant characteristics, including the number of angles, vertices, and… Continue Reading →

Week 3

Content: 1.11 The student will recognize the symbols and traditional practices that honor and foster patriotism in the United States by a) identifying the American flag, bald eagle, Washington Monument, and Statue of Liberty We will be talking about what… Continue Reading →

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